top 10 of the strangest shows on broadcast television in japan
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While Japanese culture can be beautiful and enticing, they are also known for their bizarre sense of humor as well. Japanese game shows are known worldwide for their wacky themes and downright crazy outcomes. It’s certainly an acquired taste to enjoy these programs; either you spend the entire time laughing or staring blankly at the screen in horror.
While some Japanese game shows are rather tame, otherwise are so bizarrely sexual they are banned from normal television. When it comes to the kooky side of Japan, nothing is too surprising. On occasion, however, we see something that has us raising our eyebrows and going “what just happened?”

Japan is known for its culture, its traditions and its ridiculous television programs. Famous worldwide, Japanese game shows are as crazy as they come. Whether it’s having contestants humiliate themselves or just plain zany tasks to complete, here are some of the weirdest game shows to come out of Japan.
With an all-female cast, ‘AKBingo’ has contestants competing in a dodge ball tournament. Pretty tame, right? Well it is, until you get to the penalty game if a player is hit. When two players are hit, they must place the end of a long, clear tube in their mouth. Inside the tube is a cockroach. The two girls must try to blow the insect into the other’s mouth to win. Gross!

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