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  1. Taking chop and dop seriously

This is so convenient for a bring and braai, though.

2. Speaking of convenience…

Yeah, okay, so it LOOKS a bit siff, but again – practicality!

3. The wind is not a laughing matter…

Ah, the good old days when the Boks could actually score  try.

5. Look, we improvise, guys.

Shem, but people from Brakpan cop a lot of flak.

6. We find ways to laugh at our problems

Firetruck on the weekends, moonlights as a swimming pool over the weekends.

7. Not to bring back traumatic memories, but remember when we lost against Japan? 

Yeah, we don’t remember it either, don’t worry.

It was all the IT Crowd’s fault. Bright side (see what we did there?!)… loadshedding hasn’t been around for a while.

9. Which means we can laugh at the memory of loadshedding

Hayi, guys we’re not trying to temp fate here or anything.

10. The most famous sign language interpreter in the world.

This was some next level shit.

11. If Game of Thrones had an Afrikaans version…

12. Don’t try this at home

13. E-tolls aren’t funny, we know.

But this meme is worth a giggle.

Yoh, the internet really doesn’t have any chill when it comes to ripping the piss out of our sports teams.

15. Remember when Malema and JZ were mates?

Again, sorry neh, we know load shedding has spared us for a while.

Weekend special wasn’t just a Brenda Fassie song.

17. Order, honourable members

18. At least this is all settled now, hey?

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