Your girlfriend left a few months ago. You know in your heart that she’s the one. You knew it the minute you met her. It feels hopeless at times but you can’t seem to convince your heart to give up. How long should you keep holding out hope? You feel like there’s no chance of getting her back.
You can change this. Learn the specific tricks that will make your ex girlfriend regret breaking up with you. When you understand the female psyche you can make her crazy about you and chase after you again.
There comes a point when your wife or girlfriend might need advice, or there’s something going on in your relationship that needs to be fixed, you will want to pay attention to the way that you say it. By focusing on the fact that your feelings will change when your partner changes their behavior, it takes the ‘blame’ from her and redirects it to helping you. Likewise, allowing her to see how changes can help her will help her realize things that she might not have realized. Never, ever criticize – focus on helping.

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Too many times women can feel like their needs aren’t being attended to, but then again, they might not let you know either. What you need to do is ask your girlfriend or wife what they need from you – physically, emotionally, etc. You may be surprised to hear nothing in response right when you ask, but if you give her some time, she will let you know what she needs and truly appreciate that you thought to ask. It will also show her that asking for something will allow you to be there for her.
Sometimes, one does not have to wait for a special occasion to give that loved one of yours that present that will last her the whole year or her whole life through. The following are creative and unique ways to tell your girlfriend how much she means to you.
Set a date with your girlfriend. Tell her you’ll pick her up. When you knock on her door, she will be surprised or probably be elated with the vision of that your car outside her house, or better yet, with the vision of her sitting inside it with you. Take her out to places you couldn’t go to when you had a girlfriend. Restaurants come to mind. Taking a crazy vacation to an event like Hedonism. A weekend in Vegas with her. There are lots of opportunities if you know where to look.

A very different and exciting gift you could give to your girlfriend is a hot air balloon ride. Make sure though that she is not afraid of heights and is as equally adventurous as you, or at least willing to try something new. You can catch a romantic ride on a hot air balloon. Sail on the air over rolling green hills or catch a sunset or a sunrise with your significant other. It is very romantic and quite beyond the ordinary.
If your girlfriend likes flowers and stuffed toys, it would not hurt if you give her the following. Give her with a bouquet of flowers when you see her. Then, if both of you are to go to your house, fill your room with scented candles. Plus, take a stuffed toy animal she likes – a monkey perhaps or a bear? Place it on your bed and have it hold a single red rose. If your girlfriend loves fun and seems to savor being the bubbly life of the party, there is a gift that is perfect for her personality. A Cosmopolitan Kit will help your girlfriend learn the do’s and dont’s of mixing that great cosmopolitan. This handy kit also consists of a drink guide, a mix for drinks as well as a CD to set the right mood.

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It really does not matter if you do not have that much money. The cliche: it is the thought that counts, actually rings true. Your thought peppered with your creativity and genuine sincerity is all it takes to make that gift for your girlfriend memorable and extremely likable. Act masculine: Guys who are prone to cry at the drop of a hat always need reassurance and compliments from women are not as likely to get a girlfriend. Men who are manly impress women. Meaning they are strong, confident can fight for themselves when a situation occurs and can offer emotional or physical protection to the women their dating.
After reading this article you will now realize that there are specific strategies to getting back an ex girlfriend. When you actually make a concerted effort to do something about it and listen to common sense, you will have a high success rate. Allow the professionals to show you exactly what your next steps are. First you will have to find out the clues she still likes you and how to make her miss you. Get started now and you will no longer be saying to yourself “my girlfriend broke up with me.”

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