Pranks in india taken to another level when we informed bhens that theirs bra s are visible.
bras i.e lingerie are something very personal to question. ok sorry?
womens are a blessing to the human race.
pranks are way to ease your mind and laugh a little.
but this prank really went prank gone wrong.
hey so what i was saying is prank india because america is already a prank.
This is a comment trolling video which nobody does it better than bra-zzer.
this public trolling prank in india is the craziest public prank. watch it and go mad. love u. ok?
This video is a guide to the small bra hacks in life.

watch if strapless bra or strapless is the crazy thing?
insane bra tricks
Bhen Apki BRA Dhik Rhi Hai , abyekarkedikhao and comment trolling india will blow your brains off.
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