Cat toys beware – Manna and Dexter are on the prowl! My kitties love a good toy hunt.  How can I tell which cat toys are the best? They are the ones that get destroyed the fastest. Don’t get me wrong, no toy is safe around here.

Dexter is only about a year and a half old, but he has killed more cat toys than any cat I’ve ever known. He is a very enthusiastic hunter! I would tell you about his favorite cat toys, but it would be a really long list. Feathers and anything with silvervine seem to be the things that are killed the fastest.

This past week, I stopped by a local pet store and picked up a couple of peacock feathers. The feathers didn’t even make it all the way to the living room before they got noticed. It was like a kitty stampede came down the hallway after me. Just look at the smile on Dexter’s face as he began attacking the feathers in my hand!

Dexter: “Come down here and wrestle with me, feather!”

These days, Manna seems so meek and innocent. Don’t be fooled! She is a masterful huntress. There was no way she was going to let Dexter have all of the fun with the peacock feathers.

Manna carefully planned her attack. She waited until the peacock feather rested “safely” near the cat tree. Then, she ran in staying very steady and low to the ground. She pounced at the feather so quickly, I could barely catch the attack with my camera. Dexter sat to the side of the cat tree in awe, watching the master at work.

Manna: “Roar!!!”

Dexter has learned everything he knows from Manna. He has his own style, but there is no doubt that he has always watched her every move. She did a great job teaching him how to properly attack a toy! Just look at those eyes! Those whiskers! The proper placement of the paw! Now that is expert cat training.

Dexter: “You’re gonna get the claws!”

Does your cat destroy their toys?

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