Call a company and say “Where is the nearest (The company’s rival)” ex:Call Jimmy Johns and ask where the nearest Subway is.😀 [November 15, 2016]

What Christmas is in Summer?Lucy L [March 2, 2016]

LOLCat lover [September 4, 2015]

Skyla [September 4, 2015]

Call a random person. If its a man, act like its their girlfriend. If its a girl, (you get the point…). Say” Do you know what, after all the beating you did on me, were off, you …someone [October 29, 2014]

hello hello hello hello hello just keep saying hellodickface [August 21, 2014]

I would love to start a prank call.Brother J. [July 7, 2014]

Hi this is Sarah from Victoria secret your (something) is ready for pick upunknown [June 23, 2014]

Here’s something fun- call up a carpet cleaning company (Stanley Steamer works) and when they pick up, say “How quickly can you get here?”, when they say a time, ask, “can you get blood out of carpet?” and follow up with, “I mean, a LOT of blood”,”Oh god, it’s so much” and “it’s on the walls..”. Keep them going like this for a while. Once you’re finished, say, “Oh god the body’s moving, I need to call you back.” LOLLOLman [May 7, 2014]

I did the where do babies come from thing to my boyfriend and he’s like … Why do u need to know lolKat Hoodneck [April 18, 2014]

That last one was tooo funny. I will have to try that somtime.M1LLAR4 [March 5, 2014]

We called as if we were the cops and there dad was a copSydney [February 7, 2014]

call a random porson and say is your frige running well you better catchn it thenjenna [November 17, 2013]

say your pizza is ready and it’s getting cold so someone at the shop might eating for them but they still have to pay…Natasha [October 28, 2013]

lol so cooljkl [July 24, 2013]


Number 4 is sick. it could cause a divorce and ruin someones life.
Even though i had to say that. some of these were pretty funny.
Anonymous [March 21, 2013]

Ok, call up a random person, but first, let them say “Hello this is (name)” Then you must answer “Yes, no time for chit-chat, this is (store) and we have a complaint that you were shoplifting.” The other line is confused and might say “I did NOT shoplift!” Then you say “I am sorry but I am going to have to report you to the police mam’/sir!” Then hang up and then call them again and pretend to be a police man and say “Don’t try to run because you can’t hide sister!” This will get you cracking up! :•]P.M [February 20, 2013]

Call up a random person and whisper in a scary voice and say “I’m at you front door…” Call them up again and say “I’m in your house…” Call them up again and say “I can see you…” Then, the next time you call them…SCREAM! This will really freak out the victim!P.M [February 20, 2013]

Call up a random person and say “Hello this is Mrs./Mr. Higumbottoms and I ordered a pizza with anchovies,onions,(and more gross things)and it hasn’t been delivered yet,I called about 5 hours ago! Where is it?!” When I did this the victim just hung up but it was SO funny!P.M [February 20, 2013]

call someone and say in a deep vocie “Hey this is bracka obama preserdent of united states of america and im sexy and i know it”RUCKITY [September 4, 2012]

please dont do the bad pranks cause they arent funny!brianna [July 6, 2012]

Kooolbob [April 20, 2012]

lol omg why is this is soo amazing lol rofl cant this be any better lol omg lol omg rofl omg loltegan and skye [March 4, 2012]

hi this is tegan and skye and we say that this is just awsome thanks for the ideas and your helptegan and skye [March 4, 2012]

i am keke and i did a prank i glued the cell phone and when someone called no one could pick up the phone if you what more pranks call me my number is 9379250028.keke mays [March 3, 2012]

awesome pranksprank kid [February 11, 2012]


here is a good prank tripe in Ur phone *67 so the people that answer don’t see Ur number on their caller id and then say that u r pregnet by ther father or make up a person that would be in the house when u answer it will make the person upset but it is funny for the rest of us so do it it is fun to do !PERSON [January 27, 2012]

I love this website!Kelly [January 27, 2012]

i got 1.. get tape and wrap it around the sink nosel thing you know that thing that sprays water and the next time some1 gos and turns on the water they get sprayed
im 11 and i did this to my grandma she was mad
sally [December 30, 2011]

these things are hilarious i luv them buuut i also luv FUDGE! the fudge wins sorry:(fudge lover [December 30, 2011]

JUST DONT EAT THE YELLOW SNOW!yellow kitty [December 30, 2011]

haha funnny 🙂 but i already did these, sorry losers…oh && the name is soposed to be vanessa fatface toface fyiToface [December 30, 2011]

So funny I love it whoever wrote this is AWESOME!i love u guyz!Lexgrl7200 [August 16, 2011]

hilarious results!runcorn [May 20, 2011]

Heres a good one for Aoril Fools Day Go up to a Random Girl Or A Girl WHos A Friend Doesnt Matter And Say Hey ummm You Have Something Red on The Back of Your Pants (this mostly works if your in middle school or high school) And Theyll Most Likely Say WHAT! and then say yeaah you should go to the nurse…APRIL FOOLS HahahaI Love Jaden [March 29, 2011]

o wowo
im guna try sum of these 😛
Booyakah [March 29, 2011]

i have a naturall idea just call up a pizza place and ask for a vegietarian meatlovers ( or what ever meaty piza the shop has) and when the say no you ask why…it will be hard for them if you ask really weird questions.emily [March 17, 2011]

nice!hi [March 11, 2011]

First couple are funny when you get down to the end they are just plain mean!Jordan [February 21, 2011]

i know one . get tape then macironi. take the tape cut some then put some macironi on it not to much so it wont stick put it on the tolit but so no one will see it then take tiny picecs of tape. tape the corners then put the seat down gently and video tape or u dont have to but u could show your friends. so back to the prank when somone sitson the tolit. it sounds like the tolit is braking u can do it to any bpody friends famliy or realetives bye have fun. oh and im nine years old i did it to my mom hahaha it was funny.Alexis.A. C [January 31, 2011]

good ideas.courtney j [January 8, 2011]

yeah sum of dem r funny orthers r nt funnychloe [January 5, 2011]

this wuz awsome!katherine [December 24, 2010]

great except now my friend thinks i like him not so great but cool jokestaylor [December 4, 2010]

i love number 8, lmfao haha its the best.bunni [November 24, 2010]

um. okay some of these are just mean. such as #4 for example? That could maybe, possibly, potentially RUIN A MARRIAGE. GREAT idea…taphi [November 23, 2010]

well i did the one when u call someone a sing chirstams it was anoldlady and she said omg i didnt now it was that close to chirstams i have to get the chritmas derations out ahah lol!Madison roamic [November 6, 2010]

try this on your friends and it is splendid. will u be my friend?A . A . Alecs [October 27, 2010]

hahaa. me and my friends got a call from a telemarketer, and i had waking up in vegas playing on my phone so we held it up to the phone, the telemarketer just went quiet for a long time and hung up ! freaking hilarious !LoUey [September 29, 2010]

is this wlamart my nana was tellin me yesterday that she got a lip waxin from wlamartjack [September 25, 2010]

these are dummb they r not good sugarbushes can tell better jokes then u bunghole wannabes!asshley [August 16, 2010]

ring a random early in the morning and start scting like thay have rang u they are the funniest ones – [August 14, 2010]

ha another great one that me and my friend done was if youre near a road with like some trees to hide behind hide behind one of the trees and call the nearest tow truck service and tell them you need a ride and when they ride by and dont see you call them back and say ‘you just passed me up, where are you going’ keep doing this for a few minutes, its pretty great.tiera [July 29, 2010]

these r really funny!emily [July 24, 2010]

hilarious!lsg [July 24, 2010]

We called a store & did the #4 idea.
It was so funnyy!
Bettyyy [July 17, 2010]

these ideas r very good!:)Lex [July 9, 2010]

im scared run run ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh snapdiamond vega 10 [June 10, 2010]

lololjahmes [May 30, 2010]

all your pranks are funnyjahmes [May 29, 2010]

ok, call a store and say in an old lady voice , “I want to buy some skinny jeans, but I don’t know what size I wear” the lady cracked up and got a man worker on the phone and I told him the same thing and in the background the lady was laughin and he was lik, “shut up, you’re only making it worse” “now, ma’am what’s you’re waist size?” I said “hold on sir” I looked away to laff and answered “53, 53, sir” he hung up. LOL you hav to try itJamie [May 17, 2010]

lol those are funny im ganna try the im pregnant one 2 the boy i like and told me he likes melola [May 11, 2010]

i think these pranks are really cool and i tried some of them.Tina [April 7, 2010]

There is some really good ideas i love number 10Fun123 [March 20, 2010]

i think those are good another good one would be call some one and say hello this is the hobo hot line if your currently living on the streets please call us back at 1800 hobo now together we can find a curebubblez [March 15, 2010]

I have a really good one. Call petco and ask if they have any unicorns in stoc. (it will be more funny if a boy does this)cat food101 [February 18, 2010]

I have a good one call victoras scert or any bra store and ask do you have a bra in size —- because me and my girl friend were down by the lake and she lost itSemore [February 18, 2010]

That was swell.DR potato chip [February 12, 2010]


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