*. recently posted a video joke about the current state of male/female relationships in the office place that some think crosses the line.

But first …

It appears was more than ready to take a break from Vincent Herbert.

As their failing marriage keeps playing out on their WEtv show, you’ve witnessed her file for divorce from him and fire him as her manager. Plus, on top of that, she claimed he had a sidepiece or two.

On the latest episode of “Tamar and Vince,” she flat out let’s you know that her days are much better without Vince in them.

“It’s just like, oh my god,” Tamar says in an exclusive clip for Entertainment Tonight.

“I’m up under you every day. Every day! Like, I love you, but do I have to see this face 24 hours a day? Like, come on. If I go off and go to work and come back home and he’s not there, my day is better when I get home,” she added.

In other news, via social media, amid all of the sexual harassment scandals that have affected the entertainment world and others, T.I. thought it was a good idea to share a video joke.

T.I. attends the “Roots” night one screening at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on May 23, 2016 in New York City.

Unfortunately, given the timing, not everybody is ready for it. The rapper, 37, posted a clip about how “every male celebrity” would have to act when meeting a female for the first time in 2018.

“Hello, ma’am nice to meet you…. from over there though dear, good day. #ToThineOwnHandsBeKept lol” is how T.I. captioned the video, adding a winking emoji.

Watch below:

🤷🏽♂hello ma’am nice to meet you…. from over there tho dear,good day.🤝😉 #ToThineOwnHandsBeKept lol

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So, do you get it? Maybe from now on, a man shouldn’t touch a woman in any way as it will automatically lead to her accusing the poor guy of sexual harassment regardless if that was the case or not.

So, do you think it’s just a joke, or could it become or has it become a reality?


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