thank you so much for 60k! it honestly means so much! let me know if you want more videos like these! love you all so much! BYEEE THNX FAM YOU LIT! btw for all you butt hurt people, this video is not serious! its a joke! i’m not saying loren isn’t good at musical.ly’s, i was comparing her to baby ariel as a joke because they’re both very popular on there! THIS WAS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND ITS FOR FUN SO CHILL FAMMMM!

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-Q: How old are you?

-A: I’m 13
-Q: What editing software do you use?
-A: Final Cut Pro X
-Q: What camera do you use?
-A: Sony Nex 5r
-Q: When did you start YouTube?
-A: July 11th 2015

*if you’re reading this comment: THIS IS HFJAKFJKA*
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Video Rating: / 5

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